New! iTero Element 5D Plus

Thantakit International Dental Center proudly presents the latest technology of intraoral scanner for #Invisalign Treatment, the New! iTero Element 5D Plus.

Thantakit Orthodontic Center, under supervision of Dr.Thiti Sirikrai (Ken Sirikrai), Official Speaker and KOL Align Southeast Asia, received the demo iTero Element 5D Plus Intraoral Scanner from National Sales Manager Align Thailand and Practice Development Team on Aug 1, 2021, and promptly signed the Contract of Acquisition for the first iTero Element 5D Plus intraoral scanner in the country. This versatile machine comes with multi-purpose features, including the NIRI (Near Infrared Imaging) Technology for Dental Caries Detection. Soon to be available in our Dental Center by October 2021.

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